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Note: All prices are exclusive of City & Guild Exams/NITA Exams.

Course Description

This is a diploma course combines both hairdressing and beauty therapy courses. Students begin the course by covering hairdressing units followed by beauty therapy units. On Completion of the course a student is awarded with a Diploma in Cosmetology.

" Towels, Rollers, Apron, Hair food,Professinal sheers,Mixing bowl,Blowdry comb,Draper,Pins,Tint brush,Tail comb,Afro comb,Styling comb,Ear pads,Shower cap,Styling pins,Pink lotion,Neutralizer,Hair food,Treatment,Miadi relaxer,Sheen spray,Dark & Lovely Kit (Cost of Starter Kit Ksh 5,000) "

Own purchase requirements needed after 4 months

Long weave - 3pcs, Short weave 3pcs, Weaving needles -2pcs, Droplines braids -5pcs, Abuja braids -10pcs

Polish remover,Massage oil,Cuticle gel,Cotton wool,Nipper,Dettol,Lip balm,Lip gloss,Eye pencils,Cleanser, Concealer, Nail cutter,OPI nail file,Nail polish,Make up kit,Toner,Scrub,2 Manicure brushes, Surgical spirit, Foot scrapper,Buffer/side colour, Cuticle cutter, Nail art assorted, Eye brow brush, Eye brow scissors, Tweezer & thread, Pamice stone,Lip colour,Make-up brushes,3 Make-up sponge,2 Coloured towels, Moisturizer, Eye liner

Cost of kit Ksh 5,000

Own purchase requirements needed after 4 months

3 medium towels(white),1 Large towel,1 Pair of bed-sheet,Mask & Facial scrub, Waxing stripes, Eyelash & Eyelash glue

Duration - 12 Months

Monthly installments - Ksh 12,000

Admission fee - Ksh 1,000

Uniforms - Ksh 1,700

Internal exams - Ksh 2,000

School ID cards - Ksh 300

Total cost - Ksh 149,000"

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