Holistic Therapy


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Note: All prices are exclusive of City & Guild Exams/NITA Exams.

Course Description

This is an opportunity for our students to become professional holistic therapists. You will be taught by highly trained teachers who will ensure that every part of the course is well understood through theories and practical. Our courses will guide you through easy to follow instructions. This will make your learning easy and fun. At the end of the course, you will confidently regard yourself as a qualified holistic therapist. You will even be in a position to open your own business.

Holistic Therapy Packages

- Indian Massage - Ksh. 15,000

- Hot Stone Massage - Ksh.15,000

- Aroma Therapy - Ksh.15,000

White towels(medium),Pure massage oil,Baby powder,Surgical spirit,Cotton wool,Serviettes,White bed sheets, Essential oil

Duration - 3 Months

Monthly installments - Ksh 15,000

Admission fee - Ksh 1,000

Uniforms - Ksh 1,700

Internal exams - Ksh 2,000

School ID cards - Ksh 300

Total cost - Ksh 50,000"

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